life in the slow lane

2018 Is Here…Along With Piles of Pine Needles

The tree is going to the curb along with my hopes and dreams.


Be Your Own Best Advocate!

It's been a long while since I've written. I go through these phases where I really just hate talking about myself, and what is going on in my life. However, this is important and deserves attention. September is Pain Awareness... Continue Reading →

So Much Effort

THIS ARTICLE IS EVERYTHING! I was recently in a situation where it was obvious that I was being judged by my appearance. Not in a too fat/too skinny kind of way (well, probably the fat one), but in a you look... Continue Reading →

Lust for Life…the Beach Life

Throw a man in desperate need of a vacation, a crazy woman (that would be me), a 23 year old and her amazing boyfriend of 3 years, and a 13 year old into a Suburban for a 10+ hour road... Continue Reading →

Every Expectation Met

You know when you have something so hyped up in your mind that you begin to wonder if the reality will meet the expectation?  I can say without a doubt that U2, once again, lived up to every expectation with... Continue Reading →

The Week of Radical Rest and Rock N Roll

Radical rest? WTH is that you ask? It's what I have to do when a big activity is approaching. In this case it is EPIC so I am hunkering down with Netflix and a good book.  So many people who... Continue Reading →

Buzzfeed for the Win

I love Buzzfeed. So many great things come out of this place that make me laugh, listen, and take notice. Leave it to them to address much of what I go through every day of my life, and combine it... Continue Reading →


This post has been in my drafts for a bit because I just was not sure what I wanted to say. I wrote and deleted until I ended up with this:  My children have grown up knowing about terrorism. Little... Continue Reading →

Let the Games Begin

We are three weeks away from our U2 adventure! It's going to take me that long to get prepared. The place we're staying is booked, the tickets are purchased, and all three of us are counting down the days. I'm... Continue Reading →

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