Winter Lights & Delights

The memes that have been going around about 2021 have truly made me laugh – 2020 is turning 21, and we’d better watch out! So many people I know were acting as if some miracle was going to happen when the clock struck midnight. The Christmas season is over, and our pandemic numbers are at a breaking point. In the first full week of January … Continue reading Winter Lights & Delights

Plant Medicine Infusions

After years of using plant medicine I began to learn a lot! I dove into different companies, various methods of use, and I spent a great deal of time discussing it with my doctor. I researched, picked brains, and made connections with regional hemp farmers, and companies devoting their time to making a difference in this industry. I began looking at more cost effective avenues … Continue reading Plant Medicine Infusions

COVID and the Chronically Ill

Life has abruptly changed for all of us around this country and the entire world. We all live with a common uncertainty causing most people to fear for their health. Disinfectant, hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks are now staples for most everyone, yet all of these have been part of my normal arsenal long before the novel Coronavirus. I am a chronically ill person … Continue reading COVID and the Chronically Ill

Dear Daughter – Never Let Anyone or Anything Define Your Worth 

You hate drama. Meanness and pettiness make you uncomfortable, and you put a lot of distance between yourself and those qualities. It takes real strength in character to make a statement by not participating and walking away from drama. It’s because you are genuine and choose to surround yourself with genuine people. You know the girls who talk about others, but you are smart enough … Continue reading Dear Daughter – Never Let Anyone or Anything Define Your Worth 

Pain is a Common Thread

It is common to see ribbons and wristbands of every color symbolizing various health initiatives. September serves as the cancer awareness month for childhood cancer, ovarian and prostate cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. The month is also dedicated to Sickle Cell Awareness Month and Traumatic Brain Injury Month just to name a few. With October just around the corner, there will be another list including … Continue reading Pain is a Common Thread

Two Peas in a Pod

I am very close to both of my daughters. They are amazing human beings! Having them 10 years apart has given me special time with both individually. My relationship with each of them is very different even beyond age related differences. Circumstance has forged my relationship with them as individuals. For many years it was just my oldest daughter and myself. We were it – … Continue reading Two Peas in a Pod

Make Your Mess Your Message

I read a book in the late 80’s that I have been thinking about a lot recently. I remember reading it over one of my college breaks after a religion professor had mentioned it in class. The book is When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Rabbi Harold Kushner. It was written after Rabbi Kushner’s son died of the degenerative disease, progeria. I remember … Continue reading Make Your Mess Your Message

Where Do I Go From Here?

Note to self: I know you do not feel so great right now – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your body is a wreck, and this last surgery has done something inexplicable to you. You’re just not the same. You look in the mirror and you don’t recognize yourself. Many pounds heavier from all the medicines and inactivity, dark circles under your eyes from not sleeping, … Continue reading Where Do I Go From Here?

Brain Surgery Number Five

Three weeks ago today I had my fifth brain surgery. And it was a big one. Most people never have one let alone five. Not me, I’m a classic overachiever. Craniotomy…bone flap…plate…screws…the works (again). My neurosurgeon worked nearly five hours from the area around my brain stem all the way to the ocular region behind my left eye. This time has been much harder than … Continue reading Brain Surgery Number Five

The Bionic Woman

The procedure discussed below has been cancelled. The future of this cannot be determined. My crazy neuro autoimmune disease is currently taking focus. Perhaps all of this will be revisited one day soon.   The following information is CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET Clearance Authorization Level 6. I was about 6 years old when The Bionic Woman hit the small screen. I was all about the secret … Continue reading The Bionic Woman

Be Your Own Best Advocate!

It’s been a long while since I’ve written. I go through these phases where I really just hate talking about myself, and what is going on in my life. However, this is important and deserves attention. September is Pain Awareness Month. There is so much under this umbrella that it’s overwhelming to begin listing very real, often misunderstood afflictions. When I began thinking about writing … Continue reading Be Your Own Best Advocate!

The Week of Radical Rest and Rock N Roll

Radical rest? WTH is that you ask? It’s what I have to do when a big activity is approaching. In this case it is EPIC so I am hunkering down with Netflix and a good book.  So many people who have a lifelong illness have to conserve energy prior to most anything of great importance. We have to really plan because flying by the seat … Continue reading The Week of Radical Rest and Rock N Roll