This post has been in my drafts for a bit because I just was not sure what I wanted to say. I wrote and deleted until I ended up with this: 

My children have grown up knowing about terrorism. Little minds growing and learning about people who kill others for sport. 

Just like everyone you know I vividly recall what I was doing on 9/11. My oldest was in third grade when our world – her world – changed. Terrorism became a word often heard, and brought with it a new understanding. My youngest daughter wasn’t born until 2003, and it is simply part of her world view. My children have grown up knowing about terrorism, and there are children growing up in the midst and living it as their reality. 

When I hear about attacks I am always so taken back by them. I just can’t wrap my head around it! I find my children very upset and disturbed by what happens, yet forced to accept it as part of their world. How do you adequately explain a group of fellow human beings trying to kill as many children, innocent bystanders, and people congregating for reasons of joy to children? 

Without getting deep into the beliefs of the Islamic State and keeping it as simple as a mother can, the only thing I can say is the terrorists’ actions are examples of evil on this Earth. They do all of this because of their beliefs and their desire for power. Terrorists hate everything we love and hold dear. They attack to strip us of faith, love and ultimate joy. They rejoice in seeing the blood of innocent people, and creating as much harm and fear as possible. However, they fail to succeed in defeating our spirit. We do not bend to their actions, and we come together when they attempt to destroy peace. When lives are lost we mourn, we do not forget, and we vow to bring the perpetrators to justice. Out of the most inhuman acts we also witness the most compassion in ourselves. Hysteria is exactly what they want, and what they get in the end is hope