I love Buzzfeed. So many great things come out of this place that make me laugh, listen, and take notice. Leave it to them to address much of what I go through every day of my life, and combine it with an alternative approach (classic Buzzfeed).

If you are easily offended by things and don’t have an open mind let me just stop you right here. Have a nice day.

My doctor highly recommended CBD oil  (totally legal) and has talked about the amazing benefits. He even mentioned Charlotte’s Web (discussed in the video) by name. I hate pain meds and the way they make me feel (not to mention the horrible side effects and addiction potential). I wonder what would happen to all the millions of people who suffer if medical marijuana was just accepted. Take a break, sit back, and watch! Please.

*I had to come back and add this – Notice how great she looks in this video! It’s so difficult for people with invisible illnesses to be fully understood because they DON’T LOOK ILL! Gosh…she talks about everyone going out on a Friday night and she’s barely functional…yes! A million times yes! We do not look as if we should be bed-ridden or hospitalized…we look normal! If I am ever in LA I’m going to find Kelsey and hug her.