Radical rest? WTH is that you ask? It’s what I have to do when a big activity is approaching. In this case it is EPIC so I am hunkering down with Netflix and a good book. 

So many people who have a lifelong illness have to conserve energy prior to most anything of great importance. We have to really plan because flying by the seat of our pants just does not work! I have to delegate and take care of myself so I can be present and functioning well. I’m used to it and so is everyone around me. 

This is the week of our Louisville Joshua Tree adventure! As time nears I swear I feel like that teenage kid who heard Joshua Tree for the first time. However, in typical fashion, my body is not getting on board with my feelings or attitude. It definitely reminds me it isn’t a teenage body! My entire central nervous system is a mess. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to get my body to chill. Radical resting with natural, homeopathic, and prescribed meds alike. I’m GOING to be ready! 
(Enter the vitreolretinal specialist, who has to do an urgent 2-3 hours of multiple tests because of something suspicious, to shake my ready attitude. The. Day. Before. We. Leave.) 

My plan is to have so much freaking fun and I do not care if I am down for a solid week afterward! If I have to go see U2 in a wheelchair and wearing an eye patch I WILL. I will just rock that patch and rock the wheels off!