You know when you have something so hyped up in your mind that you begin to wonder if the reality will meet the expectation?  I can say without a doubt that U2, once again, lived up to every expectation with the Joshua Tree tour! 

It’s taken me a while to put everything down because I was reeling from an amazing evening, and I needed some serious recouperation from the road trip. The trip itself was fun because it gave my daughter and I some good quality adult time with one another. I planned a few fun (some quirky) stops along the way to stretch our legs. It was just nice to be together – venturing our way to see my BFF. Several people commented they didn’t know what I was more excited about – time with Ben, or U2! Here are some highlights:


Wicked Weed Brewery
French Broad River


Great Smoky Mountains



We finally arrived in Louisville about 7pm. Tired and weary from the long, fun day we rested up for Ben’s arrival! 

The gang’s all here!
Epic photobomb LOL!
Golden David right on Main Street
Couldn’t pass up a visit to Churchill Downs

We had a fabulous day together! Louisville is highly underrated in my opinion. There is so much to do and quite a bit to see. We were pretty impressed with the architecture and all around vibe of the city. 


30 years!!! THIRTY! We have been waiting on this since high school (well, Ben and I have). Our seats were fabulous and we were able to experience everything we had hoped. I loved being in seats rather than general admission/floor because there was soooo much to see on the screen. U2 told the story we so badly wanted to hear. 

It was incredibly epic to look up and see a plane overhead. I can only imagine what the passengers thought. 

Every song we wanted to hear…opening with Sunday Bloody Sunday…Bad…and the entire Joshua Tree album. Chills. 

Our trip home was nice. MB even took us on an unplanned, accidental venture into Indiana! Epic.