Throw a man in desperate need of a vacation, a crazy woman (that would be me), a 23 year old and her amazing boyfriend of 3 years, and a 13 year old into a Suburban for a 10+ hour road trip to Florida and you have a recipe for F.U.N.

The “Suburban Slayer”
My stupid brain won’t allow me to fly, so I have really begun to embrace road trips. To be honest I have enjoyed seeing things along the road you miss via plane. Five of us loaded into a maxed out Suburban which became known as the “Suburban Slayer!” We were extremely comfortable, and this amazing gift from friends made the trip entirely possible for me. I was fully able to continue with much needed self-care in order to make this a fabulous vacation.
Our first stop was in Tampa to visit in-laws that I haven’t seen since I was diagnosed in 2011. We thoroughly enjoyed spending 24/7 with my sister-in-law in her home. Of course the competitive swimmer of the family woke up and got into to pool, and we had to literally drag her out about 11pm.

This is what happened when we tried to get her out of the pool.
We spent the July 4th holiday there surrounded by good food, fun drinks, and fireworks.

After Tampa we headed south to Jupiter for another brief visit with cousins. When you haven’t seen someone in such a long time it is incredibly hard to fit everything into mere hours, but we certainly maximized our time.

We hit the A1A heading down to Fort Lauderdale. If you have never had the opportunity to do that take some time to make it happen! It is ASTOUNDING.




Our days in Fort Lauderdale were filled with blue water, white sands, jet skis, boats and best friends. I was finally able to see my best friend in his surroundings, and he was able to share his sailing passion with us. I have most definitely fallen in love with South Florida! 

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“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” ~Wyland

Until next time…