THIS ARTICLE IS EVERYTHING! I was recently in a situation where it was obvious that I was being judged by my appearance. Not in a too fat/too skinny kind of way (well, probably the fat one), but in a you look fine kind of way. Sure I am hypersensitive to the feeling, but I’ve also become very adept in spotting those who have these thoughts. Call it a gift…HA! 

My neuro and I actually had a conversation about this very issue the other day. He said one of the most frustrating things I probably encounter are people who think just because I look nice and presentable that nothing is wrong with me. (I know I’ve mentioned how much I adore him before, but I adore this man!) I really don’t know why I am venting because the people who make this rash judgement are the very people who will never “get it.” 

The effort I put into my daily life is ridiculous! Forget being charming and pleasant, the amount of energy I expend just being physically present is monumental. SO much effort. SO much make up and medicine.

When I read this article via The Mighty it took everything I had not to send it to everyone I know! Instead I shared it on FB and now here. If you know someone who faces a life-altering illness that is not seen outwardly, read this and help them feel as if you “get it!” It will mean the world to them. If you personally experience the same struggles I know you will nod your head as I did when reading this article.

I’ve let go of trying to make people understand, and it took me a while to get to that point! I don’t want to waste my precious energy on them truthfully. It was freeing for me when I reached the point of “It’s not a me problem – it’s a you problem.” It’s easier and better to focus on the positives, and that is where my effort lies.