life in the slow lane


More than ever I have been looking around and simply wondering where time has gone. Don't get me wrong - it's not in a morbid way! It's merely a realization that life passes us by so quickly, and do we... Continue Reading →


Over Thirty Years and Two Generations with U2

So one day this disabled woman, a gay sailor, and a young scientist hop into a car... No, it is not the opening to one of your father's awful jokes - this shit is so real. I'm Sally, the disabled... Continue Reading →

Daily Care

Last night I received an email asking what I do to help with my ability to function daily. It was a great question, and I can say that it's been something I've had to toy around with to get the... Continue Reading →

I’m Screwed. Literally.

I'm learning so many new things about this last surgery - a craniotomy to be exact. It's kind of cool and a little bit freaky at the same time. I actually have things inside and attached to my head. Part of... Continue Reading →

Dear Donald, Mo From ‘Bama and the Rest of the Republican Congress:

Like most other Americans, except people like you, you have threatened my healthcare and quite possibly my financial future. While you high five yourselves and pop open that celebratory bottle, I am left speechless and in shock over your collective... Continue Reading →

Happy Fourth

You may be looking at your calendar and thinking what drugs is this person taking today?! I do not mean July - I am referring to my fourth brain surgery. This one took a great deal out of me, leaving... Continue Reading →


I have ALWAYS loved snow! I loved it so much that I went to college where it was guaranteed to snow most of the winter, and became a ski instructor. When I had kids I was right there with them... Continue Reading →

Holidays Can Be A Real Pain

My favorite time of year has now become a tremendous challenge.

The Most Excruciating Pain

  This weekend I was hit by a bolt of lightning! My brain likes to surprise me with things like this. Just when I think I have made some serious progress it likes to remind me who is really in... Continue Reading →

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